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Wowl is composed of a group of young people who love children and love education. We seek to make children have the ultimate experience and always striving for excellence in the setting of courses and the facilities of the venue. We value the quality of learning, the innocence, and the frankness of children.


The company focuses on the professionalism and fun of the curriculum. We invite several educators and scientists in related teaching fields to participate in curriculum development.

Blue Smoke

How do families think about us

“Absolutely great STEAM programs for the them!"

“I love opportunities that make science fun and was so excited!"

“Everyday she came back home and gave me a lecture on the science topic she learned at Wowl."

“My son absolutely loved this program and was SO excited to see what would happen each class. Everything from explosions and giant bubbles to art projects and so much more.....he thrived here."

At Wowl S.T.E.A.M Lab, we believe that children’s perspectives and knowledge of the world are significantly beneficial for their future learning and academic abilities.  Our STEAM education programs are designed to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Wowl S.T.E.A.M Lab

Where to find us

1101 8 Street East, Saskatoon, SK

S7H 0S3

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Young, powerful,

and fantastic minds

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